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Dependent Fee Waiver Program

The Dependent Fee Waiver Program allows eligible employees to transfer their fee waiver benefit to an eligible spouse, dependent child, or domestic partner.

In depth guidelines and information about the Dependent Fee Waiver Program is available on the Dependent Fee Waiver Guidelines page.

Please review the Dependent Fee Waiver Eligibility Criteria to determine if your dependent may be eligible to take advantage of the Dependent Fee Waiver Program.

Dependent of Cal Poly Employee

  1. Each term, the Employee must complete the Dependent Fee Waiver Application.
    • Enrolled at Cal Poly: Form must be submitted each quarter two months prior to registering for classes.
    • Enrolled at a different CSU campus: Contact the campus of attendance for their deadline. Please allow time for Cal Poly Human Resources to process and communicate eligibility to the campus of attendance.
  2. Human Resources verifies the employee's eligibility.
    • Enrolled at Cal Poly: HR submits authorization for fee reduction to Student Accounts.
    • Enrolled at a different CSU campus: HR forwards documentation to the campus of enrollment.
  3. Dependent registers and pays reduced fees in accordance with procedures and deadlines for that CSU campus.
    • Enrolled at Cal Poly: For information about fees and deadlines please go to the University Fees website. Cal Poly registration information is available on the Office of the Registrar website.
    • Enrolled at a different CSU campus: Please contact the campus of attendance for information about their fees and deadlines.

Intercampus Employee Dependent enrolled at Cal Poly

If you are a Dependent of another CSU employee attending Cal Poly, the eligible employee completes the required transfer of benefit paperwork at their own campus. When approved, documentation will be faxed or emailed to Cal Poly Human Resources. This transfer must be submitted for each quarter the dependent is attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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