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Voluntary Benefit Plans

California Casualty

California Casualty Group Auto, Home & Renter's Insurance

California Casualty provides group rates and exclusive benefits for CSU employees including:

  • Several payment plan options
  • 24/365 Emergency Claims Service
  • $3,000 personal property on campus coverage
  • Boat, earthquake, flood, personal umbrella, pet, recreational vehicle, and snowmobile insurance options
  • Renter's insurance
If you think renter's insurance is too expensive, California Casualty has plans for as little as $10/month. They will bundle your automobile and renter's insurance to save you even more money. To learn more about California Causality's insurance programs, please call 1-866-650-0553 or visit California Casualty. You may enroll at any time.

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California Casualty
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Hyatt Legal Plans

Legal Services

METLAW is a legal services benefit offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife® company, providing access to legal services.

The plan covers representation for many personal legal services for you and your eligible dependents (eligible dependents include spouse or domestic partner and unmarried dependent children up to age 23).

You may receive office consultations and/or telephone advice for virtually any personal legal matter. This gives you the opportunity to discuss with an attorney legal issues that are not specifically excluded matters, even if the matter is not fully covered.

View the CSU MetLaw brochure here: MetLaw brochure

To enroll, employees must contact MetLaw directly within sixty (60) days of date of hire or during the Fall Open Enrollment periods.

Already Enrolled and Looking for an Attorney? Use this link.

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MetLaw Legal Plans
(Use password 6090190 after clicking on "Thinking About Enrolling?")

Aflac-Group Critical Illness

Aflac offers CSU employees group critical illness insurance that provides a lump sum payment to assist you with paying for expenses that accompany specified critical illnesses. In addition, Aflac provides a cash benefit for such health screenings as mammography, colonoscopy, cervical cancer screening, and others (visit website for plan details).

View the CSU AFLAC brochure here: AFLAC brochure

Covered critical illnesses include heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, renal failure, coronary artery bypass surgery and cancer. You must be enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance plan or an HMO plan in order to qualify. (The health plan can be outside of the CSU.)

To apply, employees must contact Aflac directly by telephone or through their website . Employees can apply at any time but no medical questionnaire is required if enrollment is within sixty (60) days of date of hire.

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Scholarshare 529

ScholarShare is a state-sponsored, tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan that's helping families and individuals plan for the cost of higher education. It's available to any citizen or tax payer. And just about anyone can help contribute including Grandparents, other family members and friends.

In California, this type of savings plan is not a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck. A 529 college savings plan helps you save more over time. Any earnings grow free from federal tax, and many states offer a state income tax deduction or tax credit for contributions. Limitations apply. See the Disclosure Booklet for details.

To get started, create an account online and then fill out the State Direct Deposit Allocation form. Need more information, visit their website or call them Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm Pacific Time.

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Long Term Care Program

The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) administers the Long Term Care Program. The CalPERS Long Term Care Program offers long-term care insurance to California State University employees and retirees.

All California public employees, retirees, their spouses, parents, parents-in-law, and adult siblings (age 18 and over) are eligible to enroll in this program.

Current policy holders may view their coverage, status of claims, download/print forms and more by visiting CalPERS Long-Term Care.

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