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Classification Information

Position classification is the systematic categorizing of positions based on duties and responsibilities as defined by position classification and qualification standards developed by the Chancellor's Office of the California State University. Some positions also have varying skill levels, based on the overall knowledge and skill requirements of the position. Each University position is placed in an appropriate job classification. Because the classification process concerns an assessment of the kind and level of work performed, positions are classified on the basis of the duties and responsibilities required of the position, not on an evaluation of employee performance. A pay range is established for each classification or skill level, and positions which are substantially similar in nature are allocated to the same job classification to maintain equity in compensation.

Individual requests from program administrators for position classification reviews can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Program Administrators identify positions in their areas that have undergone reorganization or that have experienced significant change, and submit a written request to Human Resources to review the position. This request must summarize the significant changes that have occurred and must be accompanied by an organization chart of the program/department and a completed Position Description Form 120. Classification reviews are then scheduled by Human Resources. Classification review requests submitted through this process are considered to be supervisor-requested reviews.

Based on collective bargaining guidelines, represented support staff may also request reviews of their positions by submitting a completed Position Description Form 120 (which must include appropriate supervisory signatures confirming accuracy) and a cover memo from the employee to Human Resources indicating why the review is being requested. A formal classification review will then be scheduled by Human Resources.

Classification reviews will also be initiated by Human Resources whenever the Chancellor's Office issues new classification standards.

Positions may be reclassified to either a higher, lower or equivalent level. Reclassification is approved only to recognize significant and permanent changes in duties and responsibilities; the employee must also meet the minimum qualification standards of the new class.

After a classification review has been completed, if an employee wants to appeal a classification decision, the employee would need to follow the specific appeal provisions and procedures as indicated in the employees' applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Student Services Professionals Classification Standards Notice

Effective February 16, 2021, Cal Poly adopted the minimum qualifications for SSP classifications as outlined in the California State University (CSU) systemwide Student Services Professionals (SSP) Series Classification Standards. This came about through mutual agreement between Cal Poly and the Academic Professionals of California (APC). This change creates uniform eligibility requirements for SSPs across the CSU. Both parties are pleased that this will clear up confusion by creating consistency across all campuses. Strong working relationships between the CSU, Cal Poly, and APC made this improvement possible.

Please direct any questions you have to the Cal Poly Human Resources Generalists (Allie Hanly or Lauren Diedrich) or to APC (Judy Mitchell).

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