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Other Time Off

The CSU provides employees with a variety of paid and unpaid time-off benefits. Benefits usage and accrual provisions vary among different employee categories. For more detailed information regarding the time off and leave programs listed below, please refer to the CSU Benefits Summary or the appropriate CSU policy.

Paid Leave


The CSU offers employees 14 paid holidays each year; 13 scheduled on specific days and one you may take any time during the year.


You earn vacation days based on your years of service. Part-time employees accrue vacation on a prorated basis. Academic year employees do not earn vacation.

Sick Leave

For each month of continuous service, you accumulate eight hours of credit for sick leave with pay. Part-time employees accrue sick leave on a prorated basis. Accrued sick leave is converted to service credit for employees retiring with CalPERS.

Bereavement/Funeral Leave

If you experience the death of an immediate family member or a significantly close relative as defined by your collective bargaining agreement or respective policy, the CSU provides you with bereavement/funeral leave with pay.

Organ Donor Leave Program

After exhausting all available sick leave you are eligible for up to 30 days paid leave if you donate an organ, and up to five days paid leave if you donate bone marrow.

Jury Duty

The CSU will continue your salary while on jury duty, regardless of length of jury service. In order to receive your salary for days served in a state court, you must submit Proof of Service, which will be provided to you as a state of California employee. For days served as a juror in a federal court, you must make your jury duty stipend payable to the CSU. You are entitled to keep any travel expenses (i.e., mileage) associated with jury duty service.