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Union Contracts

Policies, Regulations, and Collective Bargaining

The Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) is applicable to University employees, except those covered by the Management Personnel Plan (MPP), certain employees designated as confidential, and student assistant employees. Under the Act, employees must join and may participate in the activities of employee organizations. Employee organizations and their representatives may have access to the campus to engage in organizational activities during non-work time, subject to reasonable regulation by the University.

While employees may participate in the activities of employee organizations (unions), working hours and University offices or equipment may not be used to conduct or participate in the business affairs of such organizations. Union business involving employees shall be conducted during non-work hours except as provided by a memorandum of understanding. Union business shall not interfere with campus programs or operations.

View the Collective Bargaining Updates for represented staff employees

The current official Cal Poly Collective Bargaining employee organizations and related contracts (click on link to see contract) are: