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Continuing Participants

These steps must be followed every term you intend to use your Employee Fee Waiver benefit.

Step 1 - ICDP Changing?

Have there been any changes in your career development goals? If there have, you need to fill out a new Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) and have it approved by the appropriate parties.

Step 2 - Complete Employee Fee Waiver Application

Every quarter you intend to use your Employee Fee Waiver benefit you must complete an Employee Fee Waiver Application.

Step 3 - Register and Pay Fees

Register and pay current quarter registration fees in accordance with normal campus deadlines. For information about fees and deadlines please visit the Fees website. Regarding registration information and enrollment rotations visit the Office of the Registrar.

Step 4 - Changes to Class Schedule

If your class schedule changes after you have submitted the Employee Fee Waiver Application, complete an Employee Fee Waiver Course Modification form.

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