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Appointment Salary For New Employees

For a new appointee to a State staff position at Cal Poly, the hiring department, with approval from the appropriate appointing authority, may establish the appointment salary at a rate not to exceed 10% above the minimum of the salary range.

Appointments above the first 10% of the salary range may be authorized for reasons of proven recruitment/retention difficulties; prevention of substantial salary loss by the preferred candidate; or exceptional qualifications of the preferred candidate. In addition, the Agreement between the CSU Board of Trustees and the California State University Employees' Union (CSUEU) allows for a recruitment bonus. This bonus would be based on the same reasons stated above, but would be a one-time only payment. After obtaining approval from the appointing authority, the hiring department shall submit written justification for such requests to the Director of Human Resources for final review and approval.

Salary Adjustments For Miscellaneous Actions

Promotion, Reclassification or Skill Level (in-class progression) Changes

When an employee moves without a break in service to a classification or skill level with a higher salary range, an increase of no less than 5 percent (or two steps) and no more than 10% (or four steps) may be granted by the appropriate administrator (except that at no time can the amount exceed the maximum of the salary range). Written requests for increases of more than 10% must be submitted to the Director of Human Resources for final review, approval and processing. Such requests must demonstrate a compelling rationale to exceed the 10% cap and must be based on business exigency that is substantiated by current relevant market salary data and demonstrated exceptional skills.

In-Range Progression (currently available only to employees represented by CSUEU, APC, SETC, or for confidential employees)

An In-Range Progression (IRP) is defined as an increase within a salary range for a single classification or within a sub-range of a classification with skill levels. Each of the applicable bargaining unit agreements has different criteria to justify the award of an IRP.

For employees represented by CSUEU, an IRP request is made via the completion of the HR IRP Form, available on the web here.

For employees represented by APC, SETC, or for confidential employees, the appropriate program manager writes a memo outlining the justification for the IRP based on the criteria written in the respective contract.

In all cases, the requests are accompanied by a current position description HR Form 120 and routed for necessary signatures. The appropriate Vice President reviews the requests and forwards to Human Resources. Human Resources consults with Vice President and program manager, and notifies the employee of the final determination.

Bonus Plans

Certain collective bargaining contracts allow for one-time bonus payments for individual or group exceptional performance, retention and/or critical skills (refer to appropriate collective bargaining agreements for specifics). A memo documenting the rationale for such a request must be submitted to the Director of Human Resources for final review, approval and processing.

Compensation Resources

CSU Salary Schedule

Compensation Forms

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