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Dependent Fee Waiver Application

A Dependent Fee Waiver Application is required for an eligible employee to transfer their fee waiver benefit to an eligible spouse, dependent child, or domestic partner.

Launch the Dependent Fee Waiver Application

Applicant Instructions

  1. Enter your full name and email address
  2. Select “Begin Signing”. The following message will appear, “Your PowerForm has been successfully activated for signing. Email notifications have been sent,” indicating that a message has been sent to your email address which authenticates your identity and allows you to “Continue”.
  3. Navigate to your email account and search for an email from the DocuSign System
  4. Click on “Review Documents” located in the body of the email to complete the submission of your form. Please note that you must make at least one change to the form in order to select the “Finish Later” option from the “Other Actions” dropdown menu. Otherwise you will be required to start over.

You can also create an account so you may follow the progress of your form as it is routed for review and approval. Sign in using your Cal Poly Username and Password. Further information on creating/accessing your account can be found on the Service Desk.