FMD Coronavirus Updates

Facilities Management and Development COVID-19 Spring 2021 Response

Last updated May 2021

The safety of our campus community is Facilities Management and Development’s (FMD) highest priority. The following information outlines preparations and actions FMD has taken to support the campus community during the COVID-19 pandemic and hybrid virtual learning year. Information and protocols are subject to change as California’s COVID-19 response continues to develop. Additional and updated information will be published as the situation, and return plans, change.

What steps is FMD taking to support the academic needs of a hybrid spring quarter plan?


Facilities Operations partnered with University Communications and Marketing, Graphic Communications, and University Graphic Services (UGS) to develop a range of signs to support and promote appropriate physical distancing and other behaviors to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

  • FMD staff installed and maintain guidance signage in public areas such as entrances, hallways, restrooms, planned in-person labs/classes, and elevators. To assess where signs should be installed, FMD utilized a combination of submitted repopulation plans from campus departments as well as the Live 25 schedule and room usage information for fall quarter courses. Signage installation began in late July and continued to be installed through the end of August using a prioritization system based on planned building occupancy.
  • Additionally, COVID-19 signage is available to campus departments via University Graphic Systems (UGS), including downloadable PDFs. Any departments that need additional signage for specific classrooms, labs, or offices should place an order request through UGS at
  • UGS is a student led and run business operation, where students Learn by Doing!

Cleaning and Disinfecting

On-going development of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specific to custodial services and cleaning/disinfecting of campus spaces in relation to COVID-19. The SOP was created using the latest information from CDC, CSU and state guidance as well as the campus departmental return plans.

  • Developed a cleaning and disinfecting matrix by hazard level
  • Maintaining lists of chemicals and cleaning methods in alignment with COVID-19 guidance from CDC
  • Cleaning frequencies will be based on forecasted campus population and building usage

Water Quality

Facilities Operations is fully aware of potential hazards to campus water systems from pathogens such as legionella. Therefore, we have had our essential and on-campus staff routinely running water and flushing systems in all of our buildings throughout the period the campus has been de-densified. We have also taken separate steps to routinely turnover our “on campus” water storage since normal usage has been lower usual. Additionally the campus has not been as vacant as it might seem. Many essential staff have been present working to care for animals, equipment, research, and other critical activities that cannot be performed remotely and of course all of the Facilities Operations employees have been present preparing for Fall and performing normal required maintenance as essential employees.

Department Plans

Active participation in department and building space “walk-downs” as part of the individual department development of return plans, providing input and guidance where appropriate.

Emergency Operations and Management

Active and on-going participation and collaboration with the campus community, particularly the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).


Providing campus departments with various safety equipment such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper towels, wipes, disposable gloves, etc.

  • Academic departments will procure and provide additional personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face shields for in-person academic activities
  • Information on face coverings may be found on the Cal Poly COVID-19 Information website

Be Safe!

Sanitation of surfaces is a measure taken in addition to other safety behaviors and does not take the place of other COVID-19 guidelines for reducing transmission of the virus. Campus community members and visitors should maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more, wear a face covering at all times in public, avoid touching their face, and practice frequent and thorough hand washing a minimum of twenty seconds. For more information on how to protect yourself and others please visit the CDC or Campus Covid-19 website.