Neighborhood - Building 65 - Gender Restroom

Project Summary:

The project consisted of converting the men's and women's restrooms across from Starbucks into gender inclusive restrooms. In total, there are 9 bathroom stalls with fully-enclosed privacy partitions, including 1 ADA stall and 1 semi-ambulatory stall.

Stage of Development:
Plans approved by State Fire Marshall. Construction underway.

Building 65 - Gender Restroom
Construction Budget:
Planning: Complete
Design: Complete
Bid: Complete
Construction: March 2021
Delivery Method:
Task Order Construction Agreement
and Facilities Management & Development Trades Shops
FPCP Project Manager:
Dan Swingley
ASI and Cal Poly Corporation
FPCP Project Architect:
Anthony Palazzo
Harris Architects/Pfeiffer Partners

Maino Construction

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