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Dependent Fee Waiver Guidelines


  • Dependents are entitled to the waiver of the State University Fee for 2 classes or 6 Units, whichever is greater.
  • If the unit/course limitation is exceeded, the employee must pay the difference in fees.
  • Eligible dependents enrolled in the CSU Doctoral program are eligible for a partial fee waiver equivalent to the part-time Graduate Tuition Fee. Eligible dependents are responsible for paying the difference between the applicable Doctorate Fee and the part-time Graduate Tuition fee.
  • Eligible dependent doctoral fee waivers shall be in compliance with respective CSU policy.
  • The dependent must be matriculated toward a degree or teaching credential and the courses enrolled in on a fee-waiver basis must be for credit toward completion of that degree or teaching credential.
  • An eligible employee may transfer their fee waiver benefit to one person (either a spouse, a dependent child, or domestic partner), regardless of whether that individual uses the full entitlement of 2 courses.
  • If both parents are eligible employees, each may have a fee waiver benefit that can be conferred. One child may be the recipient of both benefits making him or her eligible to enroll in up to 4 classes on a fee waiver basis. However, each parent may give his or her benefit to a different child, with each child being entitled to no more than 2 courses of fee waiver eligibility.
  • The Dependent Fee Waiver program does not provide for preferential admission consideration for participants.
  • Fees cannot be waived for courses taken through Extended Education, Open University and Special Session. Summer term courses offered through Cal Poly, SLO are offered ONLY through Extended Education.
  • A Dependent Fee Waiver Application transferring your benefit to your dependent/spouse/domestic partner must be submitted for each term of attendance utilizing the dependent fee waiver program. Submit the completed form to Human Resources two months prior to registering for classes.
  • Fee waiver submission deadlines are determined by each CSU campus. Contact the appropriate campus of attendance for specific requirements.

Inter-campus Enrollment

Eligible employee's spouses and dependents are not limited to using their fee waiver eligibility at the campus where the employee is employed but may take courses on a fee-waiver basis at any other CSU campus.

Taxable Education Benefits

Under current IRS regulations, the dependent fee waiver benefit is not taxable for undergraduate dependent children or spouse coursework. The benefit is taxable for graduate dependent children, spouse, and undergraduate and graduate domestic partner coursework. This taxation is applied to the employee who transfers the benefit and occurs via withdrawal on their check warrant. Please review Technical Letter – HR Benefits 2018-20 for complete information regarding these regulations.

In-State Residency Requirements

Spouses, dependent children, or domestic partners, who do not meet established in-state residency requirements must pay non-resident tuition.