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Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP)

An Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) is a formal plan of course work that will enhance skills in an employee's current position or qualify an employee for another classification in the CSU. It is also a written record of understanding between the employee and the university and is intended to assist the employee in reaching short - or long-term career development goals. These goals should be mutually beneficial to the university and the employee. Completion of an ICDP does not guarantee a promotion or reassignment to another position.

An ICDP must be completed by all new enrollees in the fee waiver program and revised whenever there is a change in career development goals.

If your ICDP includes a degree objective, you MUST declare a major, complete the matriculation and evaluation process, and be formally admitted into the degree program, for more information please see How to Get Started with the Employee Fee Waiver Program.

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