Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP)

Launch the Individual Career Development Plan Form

An Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) is a formal plan of course work that will enhance skills in an employee's current position or qualify an employee for another classification in the CSU. It is also a written record of understanding between the employee and the university and is intended to assist the employee in reaching short - or long-term career development goals. These goals should be mutually beneficial to the university and the employee. Completion of an ICDP does not guarantee a promotion or reassignment to another position.

An ICDP must be completed by all new enrollees in the fee waiver program and revised whenever there is a change in career development goals.

If your ICDP includes a degree objective, you MUST declare a major, complete the matriculation and evaluation process, and be formally admitted into the degree program, for more information please see How to Get Started with the Employee Fee Waiver Program.

Applicant Instructions

  1. After launching the Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP), a DocuSign PowerForm will prompt you for your name and email. Next, you will enter the names and emails of the individuals who will be reviewing the ICDP. Note: If you know any of the reviewers will be out of the office when the form is being routed, you may replace the reviewer with another individual who has designated authority to sign during their absence.
    • Manager: Management individual you report to.
    • Director/Dept Head: Management individual for your specific area.
  2. Press the "Begin Signing" button, select “COMPANY LOGIN” and complete Portal login.
  3. Complete all required form fields, see sample for required information.