Security Alarms

Security alarm systems are the property and responsibility of the Department installing the system. Departments must fund the installation and maintenance of the system including any ongoing costs, such as dedicated telephone lines, for the system. Facility Services does not fund nor maintain/service these systems. Because the installation of alarm systems impacts existing building infrastructure, such projects must be managed by Facility Services. This assures that all work is performed in a safe and code compliant manner.

Security alarm systems can be installed via the following method:

  • Requesting Department submits a Service Request Form to Facility Services.
  • Facility Services Project Manager arranges a meeting with Requesting Department, security system provider and other involved service providers (ANTS, Electric Shop) to determine the scope of the work.
  • Security system provider submits a cost proposal to Facility Services.
  • Department or Facilities Services creates purchase order.
  • Facility Services submits to the Requesting Department an estimate approval form detailing all estimated installation costs.
  • Department requests necessary telephone and data lines from ITS.
  • After approval of estimate, Facility Services then coordinates the work of security system provider, ANTS, Contracts & Procurement Services, the Building Permit and any other needed services.
  • After installation, Facilities Services verifies operation of alarm system and contacts Payment Services for payment approval.
  • Facility Services recharges the requesting department for all installation related costs after completion of all project work.

Monthly Costs

  • A monthly charge is billed by University Police for the monitoring and response provided by campus Central Station.
  • Telephone line(s) are also required for each alarm panel and are billed monthly.

Repair Costs

Any necessary Security Alarm repairs are the responsibility of the Department. Additional charges may be billed by Facilities Services for any testing or diagnostic reports necessary to repair the system. Please email for further information.