Catered Events on Campus


Approved off-campus caterers may be utilized to cater private department and student group sponsored on-campus events pursuant to the following:

Non-approved caterers will not be authorized to provide service on campus.

Catering is Defined As:

  1. University or non-university caterers, restaurants, or food vendors who provide food on property owned or leased by Cal Poly SLO and
  2. Are registered as "Approved Caterers" through the Procurement Services/Risk and Real Estate Management department verifying they have demonstrated knowledge of safe and proper food handling, been screened for compliance with County health regulations, have an active Health Permit/Catering License and have provided insurance that meets or exceeds the requirements of the CSU and
  3. Come on to university property to prepare, deliver, transport, set out and/or service the food for private events as defined by the Food Policy.

Please review the instructions for Utilizing an Off-Campus Caterer below prior to contacting one of the approved off-campus caterers for your on-campus event.

Notice About Serving Alcohol

If you are planning to serve or sell alcohol at your event, you must utilize University Catering or one of the caterers approved for alchol service for both the food and alcohol service. You must submit an Alcohol Service Request for approval to serve alcohol at your event.

Utilizing an Off-Campus Caterer for an On-Campus Event

  1. Review the Definition of a Catered Event to verify your event is eligible to be catered by an off-campus caterer.
  2. Review the Hospitality Policy to ensure you are in compliance.
  3. Review the Food Policy to ensure you are in compliance.
  4. Review the Catering Terms and Conditions which contain the responsibilities of both the caterer and the university department.
  5. Choose a caterer from the Approved Caterers List
    • Caterers NOT on this list are not authorized to provide service on campus
    • Contact the caterer directly to make arrangements
    • You are authorized to sign the estimate from the caterer (we have a signed purchase order on file in the Contracts and Procurement/Risk and Real Estate Management department)
  6. Make sure caterer is aware of the process to obtain a parking pass for the day of the event and is aware of the Parking Regulations on campus.
  7. Ensure caterer removes all trash and leaves location clean. Department will be charged for additional custodial services if required.
  8. Deposits of up to 25% may be requested by the caterer. Process this via #9. This may be non-refundable if you cancel the event less than two weeks prior to the scheduled date.
  9. After the catered event, please submit the pre-authorized Hospitality Form along with the approved invoice immediately to State Payment Services or Cal Poly Corporation for payment. Payment may also be made via ProCard.